Below is information on working with our colors from us and other lampworkers.  You can check out our video tutorials as well.  If you have any trouble getting the results you want don't hesitate to contact us.


Free Information

Reduction Guide     Striking Guide         Pandora Guide        Pandora2 Guide      
One Manufacturer's Perspective on Compatibility


Luna2 Tutorial by Hayley Tsang and Steph Bonniwell

Triton and Psyche Tutorial by Hayley Tsang and Helen Tsang

Ammonites Tutorial by Silke Burst


Online Forums

Lampwork Etc         International Society of Glass Beadmakers      
Glass Art on Wet Canvas     Frit Happens  (UK)


Information for Sale

Silver Glass Studio Notes by Dawn Scannell
Triptomatic Fairytales: Inspirational Color Using Double Helix Clio by Michele Coletti

Rainbow Colors with Silver Glass  by  Christina Stofmeel

Taming Terra by Kim Neely

Shocking Pink Tutorial by Miriam Steger – English

Silberglaser I und II (Deutsch) by Angela Meier

Silver Glass I and II (English version) by Angela Meier         

Taking Reduction Glass by Storm   by Amy Kinsch

Silver Glass How to eBook by Hayley Tsang's

Making Silver Glass Sing by Anouk Jasperse  

Webbing Techniques A Comprehensive Guide  by Amy Kinsch



Soda Lime Times The September 2012 issue is "All About Silver Glass"
The Glass Bead
The Flow